Will Elon Musk put “Humans in Mars” by 2040


Elon Musk if you didn’t heard this name in the last few days,than you were living in other universum or the rocket Falcon 9 the biggest rocket ever made.Elon Musk’s prestigious SpaceX project could accelerate time to help man walk on Mars in just another 20 years or so by 2040, said Tim Peake, a British astronaut.

The Evolution of the Falcon 9:

The Falcon 9 since from 2010 had many upgrades to it’s system,engine and fuel.On its debut, the Falcon 9 looked much different than it does today. The most noticeable differences are that its engines were arranged in a 3×3 grid pattern, and its tanks were much shorter than those on today’s Falcon 9. It used nine Merlin 1C engines – their design borrowed and slightly modified from SpaceX’s early Falcon 1 – on the first stage, and one vacuum-optimized Merlin 1C engine on its second stage.

As the company said there are new Rockets at construction,we can say that there will be some new incredible thing coming.


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